I'm a British artist / designer based in France and have a multi-disciplinary practice between design, painting, sculpture and photography. 

This diversity of disciplines adds depth to each individual project and balances quality production with conceptual integrity. 

Form is the manifestation of thought and ideas can be translated into any number of materials. My work spans site specific light installations, furniture design, sculpture and mobiles. 

I am happy to have recently exhibited alongside the French designer Francois Azambourg in Berlin and Zurich.


LIGHT  From site specific installations to wall mounted and free standing light sculptures, my work with a variety of materials from stainless steel, brass, zinc, wood and acrylic. 


FORM  I translate my visual aesthetic into stools, chairs, tables and benches.

Enjoying the process of creating functional objects that maintain a strong sculptural signature.


INSPIRATION  I take inspiration from natural materials and phenomena. My lights echo the randomness of rainfall, star constellations and explore the patterns in wood grain. My furniture has a strong affinity with Japanese design born out of a life long interest in Japanese culture.


COLLABORATION is integral to the way I work. Interpreting a clients idea or presenting my own proposal is a complementary practice along side of self initiated projects.